The 8 Best Road Bike Gloves for Numbness (Reviewed 2021)

Best Road Bike Gloves for Numbness

Did you know that during the 19th century a pair of gloves was deemed an essential accessory for men? In fact, Napoleon Bonaparte owned 240 pairs of gloves. The evolution of this protective hand cover has progressed from plain and simple to stylish with a wide array of innovative features.

Now that the winter season is just around the corner, winter gloves are an essential to keep our hands safe and warm. So whether you’re going for cycling or an outdoor winter activity or just walking around the block, stay tuned because today we’re going to give you the five best winter gloves in the market that will make you warm and toasty.

Best Cycling Gloves for Winter

N’Ice Caps Kid Camo GlovesCHECK PRICE
Anquier Winter GlovesCHECK PRICE
Weitars Winter Gloves Waterproof Thermal Touch Screen Glove CHECK PRICE
Elma Men's Italian Nappa Leather GlovesCHECK PRICE
Seektop Bike Gloves Cycling Gloves for Men WomenCHECK PRICE
Speecle Reinforced Sports Cycling Bike Gloves CHECK PRICE
HIDISUN Cycling Gloves Half Finger Biking Gloves CHECK PRICE
  1. OZERO Winter Gloves.


These cold-proof thermal gloves are made of lightweight, layered materials, which are perfect for snow shoveling, driving, riding, jogging, walking, or any other outdoor activities during cold weather. The outer layers utilize polar fleece material, which provides ultimate thermal retention and flexibility.

The next layer is made of a waterproof TPU, a breathable material, which helps keep the hands dry and warm. The third layer is a firm sponge that enhances the performance of wind resistant elastic cuff that fits snugly, eliminating deformed floppy fingers. The fourth layer of this remarkable winter glove is the patented heat locked cotton.

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The insulated microfiber and hollow fiber system gives natural thermal barrier trapping the heat inside without sacrificing dexterity or adding bulk. Completing the sturdy construction of this ergonomic hand protector is the soft and comfortable TR thermal cotton and the inner most part. The combination of all these superior materials, keep the hands warm even in minus 30 degree Fahrenheit.

The comfortable level of temperature when using this pair of gloves is minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit. The palm areas of these gloves use a genuine Deere suede leather with a large reinforced patch that guarantees superior grip, sweat resistance, breathability, and abrasion resistance. When washing, make sure to only use clear water to prevent color loss.


  • Great durability.
  • Thermal layer.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Perfect fit.


  • None.


  1. N’Ice Caps Kid Camo Gloves.


This pair of gloves for young children uses 3m Thinsulate insulation and fully lined with water resistant materials keeping those delicate hands warm during cold weather. They’re easy to put on and comfortable to the skin.

The waterproof shell insert is soft yet tough to combat the freezing temperatures during snowy or wet conditions. Your child will not experience irritating issues, even if they wear them for long hours. The palm and finger areas are enhanced with textured PU gripper for reinforce stability. The new buck thumb sections enhance the gripping power, especially during outdoor activities.

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There are elastic Velcro under a strap with adjustable hook to loop and secure them in place. The long knit cuff design is to keep snow and wind from getting inside. So when your kids want to go outside and have a snowball fight, let them wear these gloves and enjoy the season and fun without fear. Different color choices are available. Every single product is examined and authorized after passing the CPSA requirements.


  • Great comfort.
  • Easy-to-wear.
  • Great grip.
  • Multi-color choice.


  • None.


  1. Anquier Winter Gloves


This thermal touchscreen glove that’s ideal for people who love outdoor activities like skating, skiing, snowboarding, camping, hiking, driving, cycling, and other outdoor activities during the winter. This waterproof and windproof pair of gloves is carefully engineered with premium diving Lycra fabric, which fits perfectly and lets you wear them and take them off with the utmost ease.

The thicken design protects your delicate hands from freezing temperatures while providing anti-static functionality, durability and breathability. This sleek classic look matches any style of winter coat making you look Devin air at all times. The anti-skid silicone palms designed heightened the gloves, abrasion and friction resistance eliminating the problem of slippage.

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Another amazing innovation in a pair of cool looking gloves is the touchscreen mechanism enabling you to use your smartphone and other devices with convenience. The thumb and index finger parts are coated with touch sensitive material, which eliminates the hassle of taking the gloves off when you need to take a call, text or browse your phone or tablet.

This amazing product is about 84 grams. Light enough to keep your hands flexible and deft. To keep them sanitary, the manufacturer recommends hand-washing than air drying them to keep the form and color intact. It comes with a 12 month warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • High quality fabric.
  • Anti-skid design.
  • Finger touching design.
  • Versatile style.


  • None.


  1. Weitars Winter Gloves Waterproof Thermal Touch Screen Glove


If you want to keep your hands warm and a fashionable and functional way, this amazing product is perfect for you. It’s created with high quality Lycra fabric that is exceptionally stretchy and comfortable to wear. It’s ergonomically flexible to provide a comfortable wearing experience and to protect your fingers from numbness and strain.

The elastic bands on the cuff extend the gentle heat up to the rest. As for the palm, it is meticulously embossed with skid-resistant and abrasion resistant, silicone printing to prevent things from slipping out of your hand. It also provides a strong grip that’s essential when driving your car or holding a gadget.

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The thumb and index fingers are coated with a touch conductive material that allows you to use all kinds of touchscreen devices while wearing the gloves. You can out text on your phone or play on your tablet without freezing your hands. This feature is also convenient for those who have a touch screen panel on their car.

The front index is designed with a touchscreen identifier that adds style to the gloves. What’s more about this winter warm glove is that they offer different sizes with gender neutral colors and designs. They are definitely suitable for any outdoor winter activities. Whether you’re going on a winter hike, cycling, skiing, or just heading for a walk, this pair of gloves will keep you warm and cozy even in the coldest weather.


  • Quality material.
  • Anti-skid design.
  • Touchscreen gloves.
  • Great fit.


  • None.


  1. Elma Men’s Italian Nappa Leather Gloves.


This pair of seductively luxurious glove is delicately crafted with Italian Nappa leather that is exceptionally soft to touch, but also tough and durable. They’re tear resistant and wear resistant so rest assured that they will keep you warm for years. Interior is made of either fleece lining or a hundred percent pure cashmere fabric that is both soft and smooth.

The cup is embellished with a metal logo of the brand that adds accent on the exterior. They come in three different colors, black, brown, and saddle brown, and also it offers varieties of different sizes to provide a comfortable and ergonomic fit on all hand sizes. The palm is designed with a non-slip function that is extremely useful when driving as it lets you firmly the steering wheel.

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This incredible product utilizes an innovative nanotechnology to make the gloves touch capable. They replicate the conductive features of human skin that allows you to use your touchscreen devices without removing the gloves. Compared to other hand covers that are commonly sold in the market, the tallest finger of this product is also touchscreen capable.

Plus you can wear these gloves on any occasion as it compliments different kinds of outfits from formal attire to casual attire. Keep your hands comfortably warm with Alma Men’s Italian Nappa leather gloves, definitely a must for the winter season.


  • Premium quality.
  • Elegant design.
  • Touch capable.
  • Great value.


  • None.


6. Seektop Bike Gloves Cycling Gloves for Men Women


A beautiful glove must have a beautiful design, and our Seektop cycling gloves are just that. Made with a combination of Lycra, microfiber, silicone, and a breathable mesh fabric this glove is perfect for your next bike ride. This lightweight glove offers protection from the sun thanks to it’s SPF30 UV protection.

Our high quality microfiber on the palm provides excellent grip and shock absorbing padding protects your hands from vibrations of riding your bicycle. With our easy-off hooks you will be able to remove these gloves with ease.

The Gloves are made of high elastic LYCRA and knitted mesh fabric back with added venting holes on the palm to prevent sweating. It has quality Microfiber on the palm part, anti-slip Silicone, double-stitched seams for increased durability, and reflective detail.

Double-stitched seams provide increased durability for season of hard use and frequent washing. Additionally, these gloves have an added Velcro closure, a pull tab at the bottom, soft absorbent Thumb Towel cloth, as well as reflective detail for improved visibility in low light conditions. These multipurpose gloves can be machine washed with easy-off hooks and sweat-absorbing features.


  • Machine washable.
  • Multi performance Designed.
  •  Sweat Absorbing Features.
  • SBR shock-absorbing padding protection.


  • None.


7. Speecle Reinforced Sports Cycling Bike Gloves 


This pair of speecle cycling gloves does not only provide excellent breathability and anti-slip performance for cyclists, but also has a towel cloth and sufficient cushion to protect your hands from shocks, blisters, and numbness. The quick-detachable pull tab makes it easy to put on and take off these gloves.

Available in 4 different sizes (S/M/L/XL), these gloves are made with anti-slip silicone strips for grip and protection from sliding and shock. The breathable lycra back ensures that your arms stay cool and dry no matter how hot it gets out. Pull tabs allow easy removal of the gloves, so you can easily wash them after use.

You can wear these gloves without worrying that your fingers will be squeezed together like sardines or that the glove will be halfway up your hand. Thick pads and gel provide protection for your hands during long rides.

The Speecle Reinforced Sports Cycling Gloves is a functional and affordable cycling glove with a breathable design. With a pull tab function, it’s easy to slip on and off the gloves. The SBR pads provide good protection from shock, sliding, or getting numb.


  • Pull tabs for easily slipping off.
  • Anti-slip silicone strips
  • Adjusted by the velcro closure on the cuff
  • Good resiliency.


  • None.


8. HIDISUN Cycling Gloves Half Finger Biking Gloves


The HIDISUN Cycling Gloves Half Finger Biking Gloves are perfect for all of your biking needs, with features like easy-off hooks, adjustable wrist strap, and breathable fabric. They will keep your hands dry and cool so you can ride longer.

The silicone material on the palm provides a strong grip and adhesion, and our cycling gloves are perfect for providing better grip on the handlebar in damp or sweaty conditions. With double-stitched seams that provide increased durability, these biking gloves will last through your toughest rides.

They also have a pull tab that helps you get them off easily, with adjustable wrist velcro so they’ll fit any wrist size comfortably. Made of high-quality lycra combined with mesh fabric, this breathable glove will keep your hands dry and comfortable during long rides.

The gloves are designed with an easy off tab on each finger which allows for quick removal without having to take them off entirely. The breathable mesh on the palm can help to reduce sultry problem for long riding.


  • Easy-Off Hooks.
  • Super Wear-Resistant Microfiber cloth.
  • Anti-Slip and Anti-abrasion
  • Breathable Fabric.


  • None.

Things You Should Consider

Road biking is a great way to get in shape. While it’s a good workout for your body, it also requires a lot of hand and arm movements that can cause numbness and fatigue. It’s important that you find the right gloves for these types of activities. To help you out, here are some things to look for in road bike gloves to prevent numbness.

Wrist straps

When you’re riding your bike, your hands must go to some great work. Especially if you’re road racing, which involves constant turns and stopping, your hands are in motion continuously. A lot of cyclists wear wrist straps that will help to limit the amount of motion.

If you’re road racing, you don’t want the road surface to cause a rash on your hands. So, a lot of the time, you’ll be racing on smoother surfaces that allow you to get your hands more blood flow.

If you’re not racing, a good road glove will be breathable so you can sweat out the road grime without getting your hands too sweaty and also have grippy material that doesn’t rub off onto your frame and makes it easy to control the bike.


One of the most important things you can look for is any extra padding, especially around the knuckles. There are two reasons for this. The first is that the extra padding will help prevent your hands from becoming numb and the second is that it helps absorb the shock from your hands, especially if you’re a more experienced rider.

More padding also makes it easier to hold onto your bike. Another thing to look out for is the durability of the padding. The longer the padding, the better. When purchasing gloves, look for a thick and durable material. Adjustable cuffs allow you to choose the size that fits your hands best. It also allows you to easily tighten or loosen them. Sizes The right gloves will be made in a specific size for your hand.


Unlike skateboard and mountain bike gloves, you want a firm fabric in road bike gloves that is padded and made of synthetic materials. However, you should avoid any fabrics that feel rough, they are not as padded, and they will hinder the glove from being comfortable.

Finding the right material for your needs will vary depending on how much you ride, the type of riding that you do, and the climate where you live. For example, synthetic materials are best for riding outside in the sun, but some drivers will complain if your gloves are made of leather.

They are also easy to clean and keep clean. For example, the Cyclocrosser line of road cycling gloves from 511 Fabric offers a wide variety of different designs and thicknesses to ensure you’re getting the perfect fit.


Thin, cushioned gloves are ideal for biking. In fact, it’s a good idea to avoid thicker options, which are too heavy and may limit how fast you can pedal. Comfort and coverage are very important too. Consider finding a pair of gloves that has a softer, more breathable material that will keep your hands protected.

Dry fit your gloves . After buying a pair of gloves, take them out for a quick test ride and let them sit on your handlebars for an hour. While you’re out, use the knobs to adjust the fit and look for any creases or breaks in the fabric.

If the gloves feel comfortable while you’re riding, it’s a good sign that the fit is good and that the material is still soft. Using soft padding is one way to ensure you’re not injuring your hands while riding.

The fit

A snug, comfortable fit is the key to a great pair of road bike gloves. It’s important that you look for gloves that have a firm fit around your hand and wrists to give your fingers a comfortable and secure fit. Look for gloves that will fit your wrist without bulging out so that they won’t slide off when you’re riding.

If you’re someone that finds the palms of their hands cold, consider looking for gloves that have a leather or EVA palm surface that will keep your hand warm.


The first pair of gloves I owned had a plastic toe stop and that made cycling in winter somewhat miserable. It wasn’t waterproof, so I had to try to learn to squeeze my feet into these gloves whenever I wanted to cycle. Now, I invest in some winter cycling gloves.


Cycling can be dangerous. The smallest of accidents can cause injury or pain to the hands, wrists, feet, and back. This is especially true when biking long distances on a road bike. A numbness in the fingers is also common with these long rides. Road bike gloves are important for cycling safety. They prevent injuries and help manage nerve damage to your hands and body. As such, it’s important to choose the best gloves for this type of biking.

What causes numbness in the fingers while cycling?

It’s actually quite common to experience numbness in the fingers during a cycling commute. As the blood moves away from your fingers because of wind resistance, sweat, or even just because you’re cycling, the blood doesn’t have enough oxygen. This lack of oxygen affects the nerves and causes a loss of feeling. The numbness can also come from nerve damage, which can be caused by accidents, disease, or just a reaction to contact with something sharp or hot. Is it safe to commute while wearing a pair of cycling gloves? Yes! You can comfortably ride a bicycle while wearing gloves. However, it’s a good idea to wear your gloves more often than not. Your hands need to be warm so you can use your hands to grip the handlebars comfortably. How do cycling gloves prevent numbness?

Which features should you look for when buying gloves?

road bike gloves for numbness detailed FAQs

Cycling can be dangerous. The smallest of accidents can cause injury or pain to the hands, wrists, feet, and back. This is especially true when biking long distances on a road bike. A numbness in the fingers is also common with these long rides. Road bike gloves are important for cycling safety.

They prevent injuries and help manage nerve damage to your hands and body. As such, it’s important to choose the best gloves for this type of biking. Here are some FAQs about road bike gloves for numbness that might come up in your research

What causes numbness in the fingers while cycling?

The numbness is usually a symptom of a number of issues, including injuries to the hands. Since cycling and running are done at similar speeds, the numbness doesn’t have to be due to either one of these sports. Cycling injuries are often caused by: cracks in the wrists stress fractures gravity-based injury to the wrists mechanical tears of the tendons, muscles, and ligaments of the wrists genetic factors relating to repetitive movements.

The most common causes of numbness while cycling are: Re-injury to the hands and wrist after an injury (e.g. hammer thrower syndrome) Chafing in the gloves Tendon tears and tendinitis This section deals with numbness caused by mechanical issues, which might be explained by the type of road bike gloves you are using.

Which features should you look for when buying gloves?

When choosing road bike gloves, consider these features: Thick rubber protection. The best gloves protect your hands from getting scraped up by the spokes of the front wheel and from splinters from the rubber grips on the handlebar grips.

The best gloves protect your hands from getting scraped up by the spokes of the front wheel and from splinters from the rubber grips on the handlebar grips. Short cuffs . This can help keep your hands warmer on long rides in cold weather.

This can help keep your hands warmer on long rides in cold weather. Velcro adjusters. Velcro adjusters can help ensure that the gloves stay on the right way. Velcro adjusters can help ensure that the gloves stay on the right way.

Which brands make the best gloves?

There are many different types of road bike gloves available. Although, you can be assured that some are very good. The question is: which brands are best? Brands like Olympic, Cotic, Hoka One One, Marin, PRO, and Rapha make excellent gloves.

These brands include biking gear in their names. This shows that they understand what riders need to keep safe on their bikes. Cycling tips for road bike gloves for numbness

Can I just use cheap gloves?

The short answer: it depends. While most companies make premium quality cycling gear, some of their lower-end products are very good. They might not be as durable as their more expensive counterparts, but these gloves are still quite safe. They are just not as durable as higher-end gloves like Olympic or Rapha brand ones.

What are some other options to help with nerve damage?

When you’re getting started with cycling, wearing the right gear is essential for a safe ride. The most common ways to keep your hands protected are with padded gloves, wetsuits, and cycling shoes with shinguards. We suggest that you test out a few different gloves, so you’re confident in the gloves before making a decision.

Helmets and wrist guards can also help reduce the impact of crashes. There are also a number of special cycling gloves, such as the Chamonix Sport Cycling Gloves . For people who prefer more protection and style, the Salewa Half Moana Cycling Gloves are great choices.


Our journey is coming to an end for this cycling glove buyer’s guide. We have now covered all the important things to know before deciding on a road bike glove that suits your riding style. The different glove design and material options can get confusing and somewhat overwhelming, so we tried to get this list out of the way in a way that’s easy to understand. Have a look at the rest of our bike glove buyer’s guide.


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